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Jan 1, 2013 10:30pm PST
. if rec and park is going to manage the $2 million to lake merced, how soon will you give them permission to build a new boat house on the john muir site. we know about the toxic information as you have dealt with this for years due to the memo in jean -- 1991. in july, 1989 memo dealt with the option to deal with the contaminated soil of the crystal lease water at lake merced. the reason for referencing this option is to provide you with a solution so we can move forward to build a much-needed boat house. and encapsulate soil without waiting another eight to 10 years. we cannot wait for eight to 10 years. here is a recommendation for the boat house, i have a bid that is less than your watershed report. what is not included in the landscaping and bathroom and an apron that goes in front. conclusions, let's get started in the new boat house, please no delays. the use is issue, the use issue has already been aggressively debated and studied. thank you. >> mr. moore. >> my name is dick morgan, i have been engaged in lake merced for 13 years. and i have spent thousands of volunteer hours on l
Jan 1, 2013 10:00pm PST
. >> thank you. >> so -- >> we are moving to lake merced now? >> yes, last update, mr. ritchie. >> make it quick, we have a p plethora of people to talk about your subject. >> thank you, and we have the slide. on the map lake merced, an asset owned by puc. the lake and surrounding lands. and talk about the boat house, removal of abandon docks. and the funding for lake merced. and a little about the future. first on the hardening boat house, we are engaged in a project to restore the first floor of the boat house, we are providing $1 million for rudimentary clean up. we are substantially complete as of last friday. we have a few doors to install. but we have a presentable facility. and phase 2 with rec and park and for supervisor elsbernd to get additional funds for $1 million to make that space ultimately usable. that would include space for displays and exercise room and facility for coffee and fishing tackle. we expect that to be complete by may 1 of the coming year. i want to show the progress. this is the way that the boat house looked about a year-and-a-half ago. kind of dinghy, ru
Jan 1, 2013 11:00pm PST
. and i want to thank but for the lake merced task force, but for all of you coming and keeping us on point on this. and reminding us the history and value of this important asset of the puc's. and i am also discouraged that no one from rec and park is here. because i feel like they should be. it's an important conversation and we are trying to get a common understanding if not relationship going with regards to this site. to keep on a big-picture view. there are several assets that the puc, parks and real estate that the puc owns that rec and park manages. and i don't know if we have, maybe this is a conversation for a later time. mous for each individual parcel. or an overarching mou, that we are the owners and you are the managers, and you do recreation and we don't. but i think it's something that we should consider if we don't have individuals or an overarching one that governs the relationship with rec and park. and with regards to lake merced, and maybe it's a question, steve, i don't want to repeat my comments i made at the last meeting. where is the mou? when is the mou co
Jan 22, 2013 6:00pm PST
to my question about of the status of 2 million-dollar park bound money for lake merced, was that the park will not get around to looking at lake merced until sometime in august of this year eight months from now question for mr. kelly this is on the advance coco calendar you indicated that a commission workshop on lake merced would be held in about two months and didn't see any mention yet on the events calendar and so we hope that you will be taking that up higher courtly so that we can get our calendars sing criterion niced with your calendar because we want we would not want to miss that. >> thank you very much. >>> well we are working on that schedule madame attorney do you shave a response to that question. >> i do not want to get into a legal analysis. and the votessers authorized the bond fund the money is clearly eligible to be used at lake merced there is nothing in the bond ordinance about the administration because that is within the per view of the mayor who's the achieve executive officer of the city. before any of those funds can be spent, they wil
Jan 5, 2013 3:00pm PST
into the ocean. >> lake merced had a high water level. since we paid over much of the city, the water levels have dropped, but at one time, the late actually trade out into the ocean approximately where the dog diner is that now. somewhere in the 1870's, they saw the damage at the water in the late so it did not exit out uncontrolled, and for 10 years, people were drinking lake merced water as drinking water. it is much bigger, too. if you go to san francisco state, the practice will appeal this part of the lake. i do daily city, that was part of the lake. it was huge. >> the southern area [inaudible] but there is a different area. >> there was a creek that came down basically through west portal and said that particular lake. >> that was filled in when they develop west portal, and they had the brilliant idea when they dug but,, they needed a place to put it, so they build the creek in with the tunnel muck. >> you can see in 1910, we are talking about after the earthquake, but outer richmond is still pretty sparsely settled. >> or anyone who ever wondered what richmond is named after, it was a g
Jan 10, 2013 9:30pm PST
. just a quick item on the lake merced meeting in the community that we were going to calendar. and just want to find out if there is progress made and if we have a date set for that. >> ka canoes will be provided? >> [speaker not understood]. we have not set a date for that e. we have been trying to set a meeting with management for rec and park the next week or so. we can actually set a date and set an agenda for that. >> so, if you could please by our next meeting have a date, couple of proposed dates for us to review, that would be great. thank you. >> great. any other comments on that? all right. item number 10. >> item 10, approve amendment no. 1 to agreement cs-968, environmental analysis services for the upper alameda creek filter gallery project, with environmental science associates to provide environmental analysis services and permitting support; and authorize the general manager to execute this amendment with a time extension of six years, for a total agreement of duration of eight years, 10 months. >> [speaker not understood]. good afternoon, commissioners. tm kelly. this p
Jan 12, 2013 3:00am PST
, landing helicopters at lake merced and working between us and the national guard, exercising the evacuation of casualties under the control and observation of the department of emergency management, and these are things that we can only really understand through exercise, through training and then figure out where the gaps are and what we need to do to smooth those out. i'll also reference lan wilder if i can. she said something that was pretty revealing. prior to yesterday and getting out on the beach and seeing us, her thinking was just to ride out the disaster. now she feels like she's in a position where she can do some strategic thinking and strategic planning, which is really an obligation for all of us in charge. as captain jones said earlier this morning, we do not know what this is going to look like and it's certainly not going to look like what we anticipate. but having us understand how to react and how to interact with each other will give us a basis upon which we can go forward and move hopefully very quickly to salvage what we can in the event of a complex cata
Jan 24, 2013 5:00pm PST
helicopter partnership with abc 7 news this was near lake merced.. no word on what caused the tree to come down. >> pam: right now, one north bay community is drying out. this is a water- main break in greenbrae -- streets at one point covered in half- a foot of water. a four- inch underground pipe ruptured about 2-am. on eliseo drive near via la cumbre. no official word on what caused the break -- but crews say, a 60-year- old valve may be to blame. >> new at five -- we are now hearing from 49ers starting quarterback colin kaepernick. right now -- the team is getting ready for super bowl 47, against the baltimore ravens. kron4's j-r stone is live at the teams headquarters. j.r? j.r. script: >> colin kaepernick made all of the media today. yes he did pam.hundreds of media folks out here and so what did he do. he paid for the pizza. 15 pizzas to be exact. outside of that the main headline today was rain. niners took to the practice field this afternoon and while it may be hard to see in the video, it poured for the entire time. a wet day of practice is an understatement. q.b. colin kaeperni
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)